Music does more than inspire students to become musicians; it allows for self-expression, creativity, the development of leadership skills, and so much more – shaping students into well-rounded young adults.

Shanice’s Story

It’s through stories like Shanice’s that we truly understand the impact of opening doors to students – allowing them to, in Shanice’s words, find that “something that makes them feel special”.

Through the Amp Up NYC initiative, there are tens of thousands of stories like Shanice’s – each one unique – and hundreds of teachers like Ms. Wong who help to inspire those experiences.

Partnering for Impact

Jeff Walker, one of the founders of Amp Up NYC, speaking about partnerships like the Amp Up NYC initiative eloquently demonstrates how music can inspire valuable lifelong lessons: “These partnerships remind me of the jazz bands I’ve played in since I was a kid. To be a good partner, you need to know your stuff—to have the talent and skill of a practiced musician—but that isn’t enough. You also need to have a managed ego, be a good listener . . . and let the other performers get their chances to solo . . . to know how to let your sound and theirs come together in a wonderful composition. If you do all that, the process will be joyous and the results will be thrilling—not just to the band but to those you serve (your audience).”

Congratulations to Jeff Walker – one of the recipients of this year’s John C. Whitehead Social Enterprise Award at the Harvard Business School Club of New York’s Annual Leadership Dinner held on Wednesday, May 18th. Click here for more details on the HBSCNY’s Annual Leadership Dinner and this year’s honorees.Thank you to Mr. Walker, the NYCDOE, Amp Up NYC supporters, and the HBSCNY for helping to bring modern band music education to so many students throughout the metro area.

Make a Contribution

Amp Up NYC, LLC is a partnership between Berklee College of Music and Little Kids Rock. To contribute toward this initiative and help thousands of students across New York City, please donate by clicking the “Contribute” button below. Your donation will be processed by Little Kids Rock and these funds will be allocated to the Amp Up NYC initiative.